Quarterly News


It has come to the attention of ANZIGA that some pressure gauges supplied with medical gas regulators to the healthcare market may in very rare circumstances have a detached pointer, which may not always be obvious to end users. ANZIGA has prepared a Safety Advice on this issue for the attention of all users of medical gas cylinders. 

Gas pressure gauges are found on standalone medical pressure regulators as well as incorporated with integrated regulator/cylinder packages 

The purpose of this safety advice is to raise awareness of the remote possibility of this issue across all bourdon tube type pressures gauges fitted to medical gas regulators, and to encourage those who handle/use medical gas cylinders to check that the gauge pointer does not move independently of pressure change. 

Further information can be obtained from your medical gas supplier. 


AS 4484-2004 – Gas Cylinders for Industrial, scientific, medical and refrigerant use – Labelling and colour coding

Australian Standard (AS 4484-2004) defines the labelling and colour coding for gas cylinders.  ANZIGA members undertook a coordinated program to convert all medical gas cylinders to the required white body colour. The cylinders were also marked twice on the shoulder of the cylinder with a 'N' to indicate that the colour coding was new as required by the Australian Standard.

The new colour scheme is completed for all medical oxygen cylinders in Australia and New Zealand is now completed.

Standards Australia, who is responsible for the Australian Standard, has recently published a 'ruling' on the use of the 'N' on medical gas cylinders.  This ruling can be found on their website and in the revised standard.

The ruling allows the 'N' to now be removed as the colour conversion is now complete.

ANZIGA members will be progressively removing this marking.